Commercial Truck Wreck

Attorney Kevin Shannon and the Bryant Law Center recently secured a settlement without filing a lawsuit on behalf of a 20 year old man who was killed when a commercial truck drifted across the center lane and struck him head on.

Watercraft Accident

When a father died in a personal watercraft accident on Kentucky Lake in 2006, a large life insurance company refused to pay the claim. Attorney Kevin Shannon and the Bryant Law Center began an investigation. The Bryant Law Center co-counseled with another attorney and reached a confidential settlement for the victim’s heirs after filing suit.

Car Accident

Bryant Law Center Attorney Kevin Shannon recently recovered damages for a passenger in a car that crashed due to another driver.  Our client required shoulder surgery and had been denied benefits by the other driver’s insurance company. After a lawsuit was filed and an investigation completed, a confidential settlement was negotiated.

$1,750,000.00 Awarded – Commercial Truck Accident

Attorney Mark Bryant tried a case to jury verdict against a Coors Beer distributor whose truck driver was negligent and ran into a truck driven by Bryant’s client, Daniel Mullen, causing terrible injuries which resulted in his retirement as a PGA professional.  The jury verdict was for $1,750,000.

Defective Product

A McCracken County man remodeling his home lost part of his hand due to a dangerous electric mitre saw that lacked common safety features.  Attorney Kevin Shannon and the Bryant Law Center identified the foreign manufacturer. After a company expert examined the saw, a confidential settlement reached in mediation allowed the homeowner to pay off his substantial medical bills and to recover for his pain and suffering.

Defective Product

The Bryant Law Center recovered a settlement in excess of $1 million for the estate of a McCracken County man who died in a house fire in 2001 and was a quadriplegic. The settlement came from a company that manufactured a battery charger that investigators say started the fatal fire.

Nursing Home Abuse

Mark Bryant recently prevailed in an arbitration case against a Paducah nursing home which resulted in a six figure award for the family of a woman who was neglected and developed serious pressure wounds.

Privacy Violation – Class Action

Mark Bryant was a member a legal team which won a settlement in a privacy violation case against a major internet marketing firm, which was tracking shoppers’ purchases and website visits without their knowledge or consent.

Train Derailment

Mark Bryant was co-counsel on a derailment case in Tamaroa, Illinois against the Canadian National Railroad and Erico Products which obtained settlements for more than a hundred people forced from their homes by toxic chemicals and a fire in 2003.

DePuy Hip Replacements – Class Action

The Bryant Law Center is currently representing numerous clients against DePuy in a multidistrict litigation settlement against DePuy a large medical device  manufacturer of  hips.  These hips caused clients undergone to numerous painful and traumatic hip replacements and revisions, have permanent gait, lead poisoning, and other lifelong medical problems due to the DePuy hip implant.  They are currently involved in settlement with DePuy.

Counterfeit Product – National Class Action

Mark Bryant represented a local couple who purchased a Prada purse at Sam’s Club.  When the purse began to unravel, it was taken to a Prada store in Rome, Italy where they were informed the purse was counterfeit.  They asked Sam’s to refund the $600 purchase price, which Sam’s refused to do.  They asked attorney Mark Bryant to get their $600 refund from Sam’s Club but Mr. Bryant called the person in charge of counterfeit Prada products in Milan, Italy and got her to write a statement to the Bryant Law Center that the purse was counterfeit.  Armed with that letter, Mr. Bryant filed a national class action lawsuit against Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart which resulted in a major settlement for consumers against both Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart.  Because of a confidentiality agreement, the settlement numbers of this national class action cannot be published.

Construction Defect

After suffering damage to their home during a storm, a couple was sued by the contractor who performed substandard repairs.  Ben Stewart defended and counterclaimed on behalf of the homeowners.  At trial, the homeowners did not have to pay for the substandard repairs.

Life Insurance Claim

When a woman was diagnosed with cancer and was no longer able to work, she continued to pay premiums on a life insurance policy she had through her employment until her death.  When the life insurance company refused to pay, attorney Ben Stewart enabled her surviving husband to collect the policy limits.

Child Custody

A client had lost custody of her daughter after battling an issue of drug addiction earlier in her life.  After working to overcome her substance abuse issues and maintaining her sobriety,  Family Law attorney Joe Roark was able to win her joint custody and unsupervised visitation with her children.


A female client had suffered in a relationship marked by domestic abuse for years and came to Joe Roark at the Bryant Law Center for help.  Our client had made several failed attempts to leave this relationship, but had never been able to do so.  We were able to help her get a Domestic Violence Order which allowed her to safely escape the situation without further injury to herself at the time.

Child Custody

A male client had seen his daughter suffer neglect at the hands of her mother. The Mother had refused to bathe the child or maintain a clean or healthy home.  With assistance from Joe Roark at the Bryant Law Center, he was able to win primary custody of his daughter and she was required to have only limited, supervised contact with the child.


A woman suffered serious injury as the result of medical malpractice, and she settled her claims.  Her husband, who initiated the divorce proceedings while the woman was still recovering, hoped to get a portion of the settlement and wanted to reopen the divorce case more than a year after it was finalized.  Bryant Law Center attorney, Ben Stewart defeated the husband’s efforts to reopen the divorce and thereby preserved the settlement funds.  As of this writing, this case is on appeal to the Kentucky Court of Appeals.

Acquittal – Criminal Defense

A local father was arrested on charges of sexually abusing his children pursuant to a bitter divorce and custody battle.  Although the father received multiple offers by the Commonwealth to settle the case Mark Bryant and Emily Roark took the case to trial to prove their client’s innocence.  The father was acquitted of all charges and has regained a relationship with his children and his reputation in the community.

Court of Appeals – Criminal Defense

A father was accused of criminal abuse against his girlfriend’s daughter and convicted.  After the conviction Emily Roark got involved in the case appealing it to Court of Appeals..  The Court of Appeals overturned his conviction and sent it back to Circuit Court.  As the case was about to go to trial a second time the Judge ordered that the Defendant did not have to provide an expert witness summary and the Commonwealth appealed.  Emily Roark then argued the case before the Court of Appeals and then the Supreme Court ruling in her favor before both Courts. The man once a convicted felon and serving a prison sentence walked away with a misdemeanor charge and no jail time. This charge is cited often in criminal trial.

Kentucky Supreme Court Appeal – Criminal Defense

A father was convicted of sexually abusing his daughter and sentenced to 35 years in prison.  After the conviction Emily Roark was hired to appeal the case to the Kentucky Supreme Court which overturned the Conviction based on inadmissible and improperly admitted evidence.  He is now a free man.  This case is cited often in sexual abused trial to protect innocent defendants.