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Tamaroa train derailment
(perry county illinois circuit court 03-cr-00291)

Mark Bryant of The Bryant Law Center in Paducah, Ky., in association with Fayard and Honeycutt of New Orleans, La., Edward J. Kionka, of Carbondale, Ill., and JoDee Favre of Belleville, Ill., fought a six year legal battle with the Canadian National Railroad and one of its vendors before reaching a confidential settlement earlier this year on behalf of 475 clients in Tamaroa, Illinois who were displaced by a 2003 derailment and fire.

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John doe vs john doe trucking
multi-million dollar settlement
( 01-ci-00073 livingston co.)

A man in his early thirties was going home from work one night when there was a terrible collision on a two lane road. Our client was hurt so badly that he has no memory of the events that occurred. The truck driver said that the collision happened in the truck’s lane, but the state police investigation failed to show where the collision occurred. Our law firm hired an expert witness from Washington D.C. who reconstructed the accident, the semi trailer truck, and the automobile by use of computer. Our expert was then able to determine that the collision occurred in our client’s lane. As a result, the trucking company paid multi-millions in damages to our client, who had suffered terrible injuries as a result of the collision.

jane doe vs. john doe tire and rubber
huge settlement
(02-c1-00554 mccracken co.)

A young lady was driving her automobile when the tread separated on her tire causing a terrible collision that resulted in her death. Bryant Law Center hired the former chief engineer of the tire company as our expert witness and the case was settled for an extremely large confidential amount.

E. daniel mullen vs clark distributing
(94-ci-00891 mccracken co.)

A veteran golf pro was traveling from a golf course and on the way he was involved in a life changing accident. As the man approached an intersection, a beer truck crossed his path, leaving no time for the man to avoid the collision. The injuries he sustained in the wreck included a displaced hip and severe head and neck injuries.

In addition, he suffered from severe headaches, which were the result of hitting his head on the roof of the vehicle during the collision. Because of the injuries, he was no longer able to participate in normal functions with friends and family. Vocationally, he was unable to perform his duties as golf pro, a profession that he had practiced for more then thirty (30) years.

He turned to our firm to help him get compensation for his losses. Because of the injuries stemming from the wreck, the man incurred high medical bills and he experienced severe pain. Our firm negotiated hard on our client's behalf, but a settlement could not be reached that reflected the losses that he had endured. We took the case to trial and proved that the driver of the beer truck was negligent.

The jury awarded our client $1.75 million, one of the largest motor vehicle personal injury awards in McCracken County history.

$413,431.44 verdict awarded
(01-ci-00178 livingston co.)

A 36 year old car salesman was driving west on Highway 60 near Ledbetter, Kentucky, when a milk delivery truck broadsided his car on the driver's side while he was attempting to turn left. The truck pushed the car over 100 feet past the point of impact and into a ditch off the highway. As a result of the accident, the driver of the car suffered a "classic" ruptured disk at C6-7, as well as a mild brain stem injury. After months of medical treatment, a neurosurgeon recommended neck surgery. The surgery involved removing the affected disk and putting in a bone graft and plate to immobilize the vertebrae. Settlement talks and mediation were unsuccessful and the case was tried in Livingston Circuit Court. A jury awarded the sum of $413,431.44 in damages, which included medical expenses, future medical expenses, lost wages, future lost wages and pain and suffering.

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