Albert Jones

Albert JonesPrior to his education at the University of Kentucky, Albert Jones served in the United States Army during the Korean War. After graduation from the University of Kentucky College of Law in, 1957, he served as a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Moving back to his beloved hometown of Paducah, Kentucky in 1963, he was elected Commonwealth Attorney. Mr. Jones taught law enforcement classes at night at Paducah Community College for six years and served a term as President of the Kentucky Commonwealth’s Attorneys Association.

He was serving his third elective term in 1977, when President Jimmy Carter appointed him the United States Attorney for the Western District of Kentucky. Upon confirmation by the United States Senate, he served for the period 1977 – 1980.

Returning to Paducah to practice law, in 1986, he was elected State Representative in the Kentucky General Assembly. He served three elective terms for the period 1987- 1992.

During this period, his fellow Legislators allowed him the privilege of taking an active part in drafting, advocating, and urging passage of three legislative Acts that exemplify America’s commitment to Democracy. They are: The Open Meetings Law and Open Records Law applicable to local and state governments, both elective and appointed. For his work on this legislation, which became law in 1992, the Kentucky Press Association awarded him the 1991 Barry Bingham Sr. Freedom of Information Award.

The second notable legislation he was primarily responsible for is the Kentucky Code of Legislative Ethics. This Act put in writing a standard of ethics considered at the time to be one of the strictest ethical standards for State Legislators in the United States.

The third area of legislation is the statutes governing the conduct of hearings and the procedures for selecting Hearing Officers when a Citizen has a confrontation with a State Agency that cannot be resolved by the parties at odds. The Hearing Officer is the impartial Judge. His advocacy for this Act during his terms in office led to passage of the Law in 1994. His colleagues who were still in office named this statute the “Albert Jones Act”.

After serving in Frankfort for six years, Albert Jones ran for and was elected as Mayor of the City of Paducah where he served our community for five years. In October 2012, the City of Paducah honored Mr. Jones by naming a municipal park after him, the Albert Jones Park. At age 84, even in retirement, he still attends McCracken County Bar Association meetings, goes to the UK College of Law Alumni meetings annually in Paducah and remains a proud alumnus of the University of Kentucky College of Law.


  • Graduate University of Kentucky College of Law
  • Graduate FBI Academy
  • FBI Special Agent
  • Commonwealth’s Attorney, McCracken County, KY
  • United States Attorney for Western District of Kentucky
  • Elected To Kentucky House of Representatives
  • Mayor of City of Paducah, Kentucky