More than 100 women have died and thousands more suffered side effects from using the NuvaRing birth control device marketed by Merck, lawsuits allege. At least 3,600 people have sued Merck over alleged NuvaRing problems including about 1,500 in federal courts. Lawyers claim many users are not properly informed of the risks and dangers. Merck claims the product was approved by the FDA. Lawsuits from across the country have been grouped for discovery in a multi district litigation in the Eastern District of Missouri. A judge in New Jersey dealt opponents a setback earlier this year when he threw out seven lawsuits, saying the plaintiffs failed to prove the hormonal contraceptive was the cause of their blood clots. In Missouri, a test case that was supposed to have been tried this fall has been pushed back to 2014 and a judge has ordered both sides to continue discussions to attempt to resolve the case.

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