Led by a team of attorneys who took her case for free and racked up millions in legal expenses, a Muslim scholar has won her case in US District Court in California to be removed from the government’s no-fly list. Rahinah Ibrahim, 48, a former PhD student in construction management at Standford University is now a professor in Malaysia. When she attempted to fly to Hawaii in 2005 to present a housing paper at a conference, Ibrahim was detained in California, handcuffed and told she was on a terror watch list. In her actual trial held this month, the government had refused to let her back into the country to examine the evidence used against her. Ibrahim’s legal team racked up an estimated $300,000 in court costs and devoted an estimated $3.8 million worth of legal time to help her win the case.

US District Judge William Alsept’s full opinion has not been released and the government can appeal. Read an abbreviated ruling and more on the case at the TechDirt blog