Bryant Law Center Attorney Emily Roark Wednesday morning will deliver her oral argument in support of our clients in the long running lawsuit against Daymar College. At issue is a ruling by McCracken Circuit Judge Tim Kaltenbach who in 2010 that found an arbitration clause in the Daymar enrollment contract was unenforceable for 11 of the 15 former students who are plaintiffs filed suit over what they alleged was consumer fraud and misrepresentation. Daymar wanted to resolve the case in arbitration rather than in circuit court. Arbitration is a dispute resolution process that allows cases to be argued before an attorney who is hired and functions as a referee/judge. There is no jury and it is not part of the Kentucky judicial system. Daymar appealed Kaltenbach’s ruling to the Ky. Court of Appeals, which in 2012 sided with Daymar. The students then appealed to the Ky. Supreme Court which agreed to take the case. The case is Brittany Dixon, et al vs Daymar Colleges Group LLC. # 2012 – SC-000687.