A northern Virginia restaurant that served exotic meats including horse and tiger claims a 75 percent decline in business forced it to close after hackers revised a Google map listing to show it was closed on weekends. The Serbian Crown, known for old world decor and food, for 40 years had served a clientèle with its unique menu. But business began to decline sharply for reasons that owner Rene Bertagna could not understand. He later discovered hackers had created a listing on Google maps that showed the restaurant was closed on the weekends. Bertagna said he tried to contact Google, which offers very little in the way of customer support for its consumer products, and hired a consultant to revise the listing. Eventually, the mistakes were corrected, but Bertagna says by then the damage was done. He has sued Google in federal court. Google has answered the complaint by asserting it was not the cause of the business closing. Several negative on-line Yelp reviews posted in the two years prior to the restaurant’s closing may have been indicative of problems unrelated to Google.

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