Millions of Honda and Toyota, Mazda, and Nissan owners and also 7 other car models including BMW are being notified of a potentially deadly problem with the airbags in their vehicles. Massive recalls have been implemented for cars with Takata airbags. The problem is that when the airbags deploy, they force shards of metal and plastic into the very vehicle occupant they were trying to protect. At least three deaths and 139 injuries have been recorded and investigations are ongoing. Honda and Toyota have said there are not sufficient spare parts available to repair all of the impacted cars. According to The New York Times, “At the heart of the defect is a faulty propellant that is intended to burn quickly and produce gas to inflate the air bag but instead is too strong and can rupture its container, shooting metal parts into the cabin.”

Read more about this urgent recall here at the NHTSA website:

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