Kentucky ranked in the bottom quartile, but five US states accounted for 48 percent of the $3.6 billion payout in medical malpractice claims nationwide in 2012, according to a study of the National Practitioner Data Bank by Diederich Healthcare. Those states: California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Florida, accounted for about half of the total. One of the more interesting part of the study was to show settlements constituted 93 percent of the payouts and judgments just 5 percent.

Nationwide males made up 43% of patients involved in the lawsuits while females made up 57%. Diagnosis related issues constituted 33% of the claims, and when broken down further Failure to Diagnose constituted 20% of all payouts. Surgery Related (18%) and Treatment Related (14%) made up 32% of payouts while Anesthesia Related payouts constituted only 3% of the total making anesthesia the continuing champion of safety and low practitioner error rates in the medical world. Even Medication Error Related payouts were higher at 4%.

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