West Virginia Train Derailment

Life is slowly getting back to normal for residents of Mount Carbon, Adena Village and Boomer Bottom in Fayette County West Virginia after the Feb. 16 derailment oil train forced hundreds of people from their homes.

The Bryant Law Center has made two fact-finding trips to the community and has spent several days on scene talking with victims and evacuees.

After the Feb. 16 derailment, explosion and fire, approximately 1,000 people were forced to leave their homes in sub freezing temperatures for at least a day, with evacuations rescinded starting Feb. 18 and largely ending on the 20th. The final evacuees were allowed to return to their residences closest to the derailment within 5-6 days.

The accident again focuses attention on the safety of the long tank trains ferrying the volatile Bakken shale oil which is obtained by fracking. Notable about this mishap was that the tank cars that ruptured were the newer upgraded models with beefed up valves and lids.

Several evacuees say that they remain nervous about future accidents, given how close they live to the railroad tracks.

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