Authorities are investigating the discovery Sunday of dead fish in a creek near the site where 5,000 people were evacuated after a CSX train derailed in Maryville, Tenn. That could be an indication that the poisonous chemicals ma have found their way into creeks and streams.

A derailment and fire on Friday caused tank cars of acrylonitrile – a toxic plastics precursor – to burn and spew hazardous fumes over this town of 28,000. About 125 people went to a local hospital after the fire and 45 were admitted. The evacuation zone was two miles from the accident.
CSX has established a local claims center where it says it will reimburse evacuees for temporary lodging and other losses and also says it will establish a mail in claims process.

Evacuees should use care when signing any paperwork from the railroad to assure it does not contain blanket releases, said Mark Bryant, CEO of the Bryant Law Center, which has represented thousands of derailment victims across the south and Midwest and currently is involved in a CSX derailment in Mt. Carbon, West Virginia.

Bryant said it could be several days or even weeks before an accurate assessment of economic loss and/or injuries could be made for some evacuees.
Federal authorities have not said what caused the cars to leave the tracks and catch fire traveling from Ohio to Georgia.

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