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*Please note, if you did accept money for temporary lodging that does not prevent you from filing a legal claim.

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Seven law enforcement officers were injured from inhaling toxic fumes and thousands of local residents were evacuated Wednesday night when one car of a CSX freight train derailed, caught fire, and its contents burned near Maryville, Tenn. CSX says the train car was carrying acrylonitrile, a hazardous material used in a variety of industrial processes. About 5,000 people around Maryville, a city of 28,000 near Knoxville were evacuated within a two mile radius of the accident. Additional residents were told to “shelter in place.” It is the latest in a string of railway accidents that has involved CSX, including two oil train derailments. Maryville evacuees may be out of their homes for two days, officials said. The CSX train was traveling from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Waycross, Georgia, and consisted of two locomotives, 45 loaded rail cars carrying mixed freight and 12 empty rail cars.Victims should consult an attorney before signing any legal papers after a derailment evacuation.

Railroads now dispatch agents to communities the same day of a derailment to secure releases against litigation in exchange for paying for a few meals and a night in a motel. This is done without the homeowner or evacuated resident knowing if there is long term contamination or health risks or if they will be forced to miss work or inhaled toxins, or will have to take long detours or may have suffered any psychological damage.

Our Experience:

The Bryant Law Center has represented hundreds of derailment clients in Tamaroa, Illinois, West Point, Ky., and Rockford, Illinois. Our litigation team has worked with victims in 12 derailments and chemical explosions across the South and Midwest we are currently working with the victims of the West Virginian CSX train Derailment. “It is important for evacuees to carefully examine any paperwork the railroad asks them to sign if they are offered money for meals and lodging,” said Mark Bryant, attorney and CEO of the Bryant Law Center.

If you have suffered an economic loss or injury, lost business or missed work, from the CSX derailment and toxic chemical fire near Maryville, contact the experienced derailment attorneys at The Bryant Law Center in Paducah, Ky at 1.888.Mark.Bryant (888-627-527-9268)

At the Bryant Law Center, we are able to respond to derailments quickly. We know the steps to take and the experts to hire to secure fair and just compensation for derailment victims.

Lawyers meet with potential train derailment victims

Attorneys from around the region held a press conference with possible victims of the CSX train derailment earlier this month.

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