Last week Mark Bryant, Emily Roark and Joe Roark of the Bryant Law Center of Paducah, KY attended a seminar in Palm Beach, Florida, about the future of our type of law practice. It was hosted by one of the largest plaintiff’s firm in the world with more than 300 lawyers and 3000 support staff. Speakers from firms around America spoke about the future of the practice of law, both positive and negative.

We were told of three areas that impact the future of consumer lawyers like we are at the Bryant Law Center. They are innovation, like the driverless car; legislation, like tort reform; and competition. Florida has four lawyers per 1000 people. Kentucky isn’t too far behind that. Both states have similar problems, too many lawyers created by too many law schools. This creates competition as every family has a lawyer in it, it seems. My family has six lawyers in it. My Mother, Louise Bryant, didn’t particularly like lawyers until she was surrounded by a family full of them, then she loved lawyers, which is as it should be! 

The program leader said that he was willing to share his secrets with us at the Bryant Law Center and the other 100 lawyers attending from across the USA because he knows most law firms won’t work hard enough to do what he believes needs to be done to be a successful law firm in the future, so he is not worried about giving away his secrets. We listened intently for two days and hopefully came back better lawyers than we were when we arrived. MPB