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cPADUCAH, KY. – The Bryant Law Center is featured as one of the best amongst six candidates chosen by the Litigation Commentary & Review. The law center earned the feature for a recent case receiving settlement for victims in a child sex abuse case against a church.

“Emily, David, and I uncovered a story stranger than fiction during our inquiry. During the case, we went through lengthy interviews, thousands of documents, and a tedious court case. At the end of a marathon mediation session, which nearly fell apart, a settlement was negotiated and agreed upon,” said Mark Bryant, attorney and president of the Bryant Law Center.

Mark Bryant, David Bryant, and Emily Roark of the Bryant Law Center represented two children victimized by sex abuse against multiple parties associated with the church. One child gave birth to a child of her own as a result of sexual abuse from the church’s youth minister. The church denied and tried to cover up the incident by trying to pressure the child to into publicly denying the church was responsible.

The Bryant Law Center investigated and launched a case against the church and its headquarters. After a lengthy court case, the Bryant Law Center won the two children a large settlement. The team took the case one step further and provided counseling and life skills for the two children to help them cope with their experience. The Litigation Commentary & Review featured the case as one of the best.

“Mark Bryant and his firm are widely recognized for excellence in trial law. With skills that have been refined through years of experience and a high level of preparation and continual diligence, they exemplify the best in the profession,” said G. Steven Henry, Executive Director and General Counsel of the Litigation Counsel of America.

The Litigation Commentary & Review is published by The Litigation Counsel of America, a small selection of 3,500 diverse. LCA Fellows accepted into The Litigation Counsel of America are selected by their peers and evaluated for effectiveness and accomplishment in litigation and trial work as well as overall ethical reputation. In total, the lawyers make up less than one-half of one percent of all American lawyers in the invitation-only counsel of lawyers.

About the Bryant Law Center

The Bryant Law Center is led by accomplished Trial Lawyer Mark Bryant. The dedicated team of trial lawyers and committed advocates for justice has decades of experience in the legal system. When you are facing legal problems, whether it is personal injury, arrest or divorce, the lawyer you hire could be the biggest decision of your life. When your future is at stake contact [email protected] or call 270-442-1422