As the holiday season rolls around, many people head to another side of the country to spend time with those they love. Some people drive long distances, which can be dangerous, and others decide to fly. However, there may also be an increased risk of a motor vehicle collision even for those who take to the sky. For example, someone may become involved in a wreck while they are driving to or from the airport for a variety of reasons. If you plan to travel this year during the holidays, be especially careful when you are on the road.

An auto accident may occur while someone is in a frantic rush to get to the airport on time or bring one of their family members to the airport. Moreover, even after the plane has landed there may be an increased risk of an accident. For example, someone may rent a vehicle in a new city that they have never driven in before, and this lack of familiarity could increase the probability of something going wrong on the road. Or, someone may be extremely tired after a long flight or distracted by their loved ones once they arrive.

For these reasons and more, the holidays can be particularly dangerous when it comes to driving. As a result, you should watch out for other vehicles while you are on the road and do all you can to avoid a collision. Sadly, even the most responsible drivers find themselves in crashes because of others’ negligence.