In the winter, the roads can be especially dangerous because of ice and other weather-related risk factors. However, there are other hazards associated with driving during these months and some people do not realize the risks they face. For example, there are some people who should not be behind the wheel because they are too sick to drive safely, but they try to drive anyway (which can result in a motor vehicle collision). If you are struggling with the flu or another serious illness, it may be smart to stay off of the road until you get better.

During flu season, many people try to push through their illness and live life as if everything is normal. Unfortunately, this can expose others to the illness and also lead to other consequences (such as a car wreck). A driver who is very sick may be more likely to crash because they are deprived of sleep due to their illness, or they may be drowsy as a result of taking medication to help with their symptoms. In fact, simply struggling with cold or flu symptoms behind the wheel can be distracting and may cause a driver to take his or her hands off the wheel as they reach for tissues.

If you were struck by someone who appeared to be very sick after the crash, it may be necessary to bring this information up in the courtroom in the event that you decide to file suit over auto accident injuries and other consequences.