Patients are subjected to many different examples of mistreatment, sadly. Some may suffer as a result of a surgical error that could have been avoided or some other type of medical professional negligence. It is important to remember that many people have suffered as a result of prescription medication as well. From mistakes involving the prescription of certain drugs to drugs that are actually defective, these challenges can be especially problematic. Sadly, some people do not even realize that a drug they are taking is significantly damaging their health, and the consequences can be absolutely devastating.

After taking a defective drug, someone may be adversely affected in different ways. They may suffer from a number of serious side effects that can virtually shatter their lives, or they may even pass away, in some instances. A pregnant woman may give birth to a child who has defects as a result of a drug that she consumed during her pregnancy, or someone may struggle with severe emotional challenges due to a drug that has messed with their mind. Regrettably, pharmaceutical companies have made a significant amount of money off of drugs that have shattered the lives of people who were simply looking for help.

Our law office believes that drug companies which have sold defective drugs should be held responsible for the suffering brought on by the harmful product they created. If you go over to the defective drugs page on our website, you can find more related to exploring legal options after an adverse reaction.