If you have high blood pressure in Kentucky, your doctor may be prescribing medication. However, as with all other medication, taking blood pressure drugs can by risky. Just recently, a pharmaceutical company is calling for the return of a particular blood pressure med, adding it to the list of recalled prescriptions over the last year.

According to the FDA, Macleods Pharmaceuticals is recalling Losartan Potassium/Hydrochlorothiazide Combination Tablets due to the presence of a cancer-causing agent, NDEA. The pharmaceutical company found trace amounts of NDEA, which are above the acceptable levels for daily consumption. At this time, the recall is voluntary and there have been no reported adverse reactions. Healthcare professionals encourage patients to continue to take the meds until their doctors prescribe a replacement to prevent any health issues. Patients who do notice any reactions to the drug should report them to their physicians and the FDA directly.   

This recent recall adds this combination drug to the growing list of recalled blood pressure medications. The USA Today discusses other heart and blood pressure prescriptions on the list. Months ago, pharmaceutical companies recalled medication such as losartan as well as irbesartan and valsartan for the same reason as the current recall; impurities that cause cancer. Investigations around the recalls uncovered that the impurities came from manufacturing plants in India and China. Inspectors found faulty and contaminated equipment as well as the lack of investigation of discrepancies in drug batches. Ultimately, though, the FDA was unable to determine the root cause of why carcinogens are getting into these types of drugs, which ultimately leads to additional recalls such as the recent one.