Road construction is a common sight on roads and highways across Kentucky, and for some motorists, maneuvering around these construction zones and the obstructions that often come with them can prove dangerous. At the Bryant Law Center, we recognize that work zones can present numerous threats to the public, and we have helped many people who suffered injury or hardship because of a construction zone car crash seek recourse.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration, the number of car wrecks occurring in construction zones across Kentucky and the nation is on the rise, with a sharp uptick in crashes taking place between 2013 and 2015. In 2015, for example, more than 96,600 car wrecks took place in U.S. construction zones, which is a 42-percent increase over two years before.

What is it about work zones that make them especially hazardous for motorists? First, there are factors relating directly to the construction that can cause crashes, such as potholes, unfamiliar traffic patterns or large machinery or other obstructions. Second, other motorists driving through work zones also present a public threat, and this is particularly true when they are already taking unnecessary risks behind the wheel.

For example, while speeding is often a factor in car wrecks, it is a highly common one in work zone car wrecks, contributing to about 28 percent of all fatal work zone crashes that occurred in 2014. Alcohol abuse, too, is a common contributor to construction zone car crashes, as it was a factor in a quarter of all fatal work zone car wrecks that same year. You can find more information about car crashes on our webpage.