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Louisville Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in an accident in Louisville, Kentucky or the surrounding areas, get advice about a potential claim from the lawyers at the Bryant Law Center P.S.C. for free today. We understand what you’re going through and are committed to helping our clients move forward. We have dedicated teams of attorneys and case managers in Louisville who can help you pursue justice and the financial compensation that you deserve if someone else’s wrongful acts caused your injury. We are a small Kentucky law firm that gets big results.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have over 20 years of experience representing clients in Kentucky personal injury cases.
  • Our lawyers are recognized by the American Academy of Attorneys for membership in the $100 Million Club.
  • We are a local personal injury law firm with office locations in Louisville and Paducah.
  • We are experienced in negotiating with insurers as well as taking cases to trial.
  • Our personal injury lawyers in Kentucky don’t charge for their services unless they win the case.

What to Expect From Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Louisville

At Bryant Law Center P.S.C., we have the financial resources and staff to handle any type of personal injury case from our Louisville-located law office. We are knowledgeable about local judges, laws, practices and standards. We work with other lawyers, doctors and expert witnesses to achieve our clients’ case goals.

As your personal injury law firm, we will do everything that we can to achieve the results that you deserve. This includes investigating your accident, dealing with the confusing legal process and taking over settlement negotiations. We don’t represent businesses or insurance companies; we represent the people and are passionate about what we do.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Accept in Louisville, KY

Choosing the right personal injury lawyer in Louisville means finding one with experience in your practice area. Although each case is unique, knowledge of your type of accident from first-hand involvement can make it easier for your lawyer to choose the legal strategies that will help you succeed. Bryant Law Center P.S.C. handles the following types of cases in Kentucky, and more:

Our personal injury attorneys take a team approach to each case. This allows us to be responsive to inquiries, proactive about achieving positive case resolutions and creative in our tactics. Our law firm has achieved national recognition for its results and customer service, including National Trial Lawyers Top 100 and an AV Preeminent Martindale-Hubbell rating (the highest rating possible). We have what it takes to help you after any type of accident in Louisville.

Do You Have a Case?

A personal injury lawsuit is a type of civil claim that can be filed in Kentucky after a preventable accident that is caused by someone else’s carelessness, default, maliciousness or wrongful acts. The legal word for carelessness, or a lack of proper care, is negligence. This is the basis for most personal injury cases. Negligence contains four elements:

  1. Duty. A duty of care was established between the plaintiff and the defendant, meaning an obligation to exercise reasonable care and prudence.
  2. Dereliction of duty. The defendant acted outside of the duty of care through a negligent act or omission.
  3. Direct cause. The defendant’s breach of duty was the actual cause of the injury being claimed.
  4. Damages. The plaintiff suffered specific losses due to the defendant’s failure to fulfill the duty of care.

Essentially, there must be proof that the plaintiff’s injuries would not exist but for the defendant’s negligence. You may have grounds for a personal injury case if there is clear and convincing evidence of these elements. An attorney can help you gather evidence of negligence to help support your case, such as eyewitness statements, photographs and videos, expert testimony, copies of police reports, and your medical records.

Personal Injury Laws in Kentucky

There are many laws that you may have to navigate during a personal injury case in Kentucky. These include both state and federal statutes. One of the benefits of hiring a lawyer to handle your case is that he or she will know these laws and understand how they might affect your case. Three laws to know are:

  1. No-fault car accident law. Kentucky is one of only 12 no-fault car insurance states. This law means that after a car accident, you will most likely seek a financial recovery from your own insurer. There are exceptions to the rule, however, that allow you to file a lawsuit against the other driver.
  2. Statute of limitations. A statute of limitations is a legal time limit on the right to file a personal injury claim. This deadline is shorter in Kentucky than most other states. It is one year from the date of the accident or injury discovery. It is important to speak to an attorney as soon as possible to avoid missing your window.
  3. Comparative fault. Kentucky’s pure comparative fault rule states that a plaintiff’s own contribution to the injury being claimed does not bar him or her from financial recovery. You may still be eligible for compensation if you were found partially at fault for your accident.

Our lawyers can explain these laws and others that may impact your case in more detail as our client. We can help you avoid common mistakes that could interfere with your ability to recover compensation, such as missing your deadline to file. We can carefully assess your case to determine the best way forward.

Injured in an Accident in Louisville, KY? Help Is Available – Contact Us Today

A bad accident can dismantle your life in more ways than one. At Bryant Law Center P.S.C., our Louisville personal injury lawyers can help you pick up the pieces and put them back together. We have the information, legal advice and high-quality representation that you need to file a claim, pursue justice and get through this difficult time.

We can connect you to top doctors in Louisville, hire experts to strengthen your claim and take many other steps to make sure you have what you need. Please call (270) 550-1230 or send us an online message to request a free case consultation at our local Louisville law office.