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Kentucky ATV Accident Lawyers

If riding an ATV in Kentucky resulted in an accident with serious injuries or the death of a loved one, contact Bryant Law Center P.S.C. for legal advice. You may be eligible for financial compensation from one or more parties, such as the manufacturer of a defective ATV.

Our attorneys will work with you throughout the legal process, ensuring that you and your family have everything you need to get through this traumatic time. Call (270) 550-1230 today to request a free consultation at our local Louisville or Paducah law office.

Why We’re the Right Choice for Your ATV Accident Lawsuit

  • We put our clients first. Our staff is compassionate, caring and always willing to go the extra mile to achieve the best outcome for every client.
  • Our law firm has recovered over $100 million in verdicts & settlements. We are skilled negotiators as well as highly experienced trial attorneys.
  • We know how to handle all types of ATV accident injuries, including broken bones, lacerations, scarring/disfigurement, burns, and catastrophic injuries such as brain injuries or paralysis.
  • Our ATV accident attorneys operate on a contingency fee basis for all claims. This means that we don’t charge any fees upfront and you will only pay us if we win your case.

What Can a Kentucky ATV Accident Attorney Do for You?

If you get injured or a loved one dies in an ATV accident, it may surprise you to find that an insurance company is making it more difficult than necessary to recover fair financial compensation. Insurance companies are for-profit organizations that rely on a number of tactics to reduce payouts and avoid paying claimants entirely. The best way to combat these tactics is by hiring an ATV accident attorney in Kentucky.

An attorney has the experience and knowledge to go up against an insurance company and demand maximum compensation for your injuries or a loved one’s tragic death. Your lawyer will pursue justice using aggressive legal strategies to help you achieve fair benefits. You can concentrate on moving forward while your lawyer investigates your ATV accident, gathers available evidence, determines the defendant and negotiates a settlement on your behalf. Hiring a lawyer can give you the peace of mind that you deserve after a disaster.

What Compensation Is Available for an ATV Accident in Kentucky?

Holding someone responsible for an ATV accident can result in an insurance settlement or jury verdict to pay for your related injuries, losses or the death of a family member. While we know that no dollar amount can ever replace the life of a loved one or make up for a severe injury, we also recognize how important it can be to have less financial stress after an expensive accident.

At Bryant Law Center P.S.C., our lawyers will do what they can to achieve the results that you need to recover from an ATV accident. You may obtain compensation for your:

  • Past and future medical needs
  • Ongoing medical treatments or medications
  • Disability-related expenses
  • Lost wages and employment benefits
  • Diminished capacity to earn
  • Property damage
  • Legal fees and out-of-pocket costs
  • Wrongful death damages, such as funeral expenses
  • Loss of consortium
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional injuries or psychological trauma
  • Punitive damages

The value of your ATV accident claim will depend on many factors that are unique to you and your case. These may include the severity of the injuries suffered, the age of the victim, the number of defendants and the amount of insurance available. It is important to keep in mind that Kentucky is a no-fault state, meaning that each driver has to file a claim with their own insurance company after an accident.

The attorneys at the Bryant Law Center P.S.C. can accurately evaluate your case to help you determine its fair value. Then, we will fight for optimal results on your behalf.

Accidents Caused by Negligent or Reckless ATV Operator

Like a car accident, other ATV operators can also cause disastrous accidents when they hit another ATV.  ATV owners who let underage or inexperienced drivers use their all-terrain vehicles or who are otherwise negligent can also cause devastating ATV accidents.

ATV Design Defects Can Cause Fatal Accidents

ATV accidents are often preventable. While some stem from operator errors, such as putting two people on a single-person ATV, others can be traced to outside sources. For example, thousands of ATVs are recalled every year for dangerous vehicle defects and malfunctioning equipment. ATV defects can be caused by issues with their design, manufacture and/or marketing. ATVs are frequently recalled for issues such as:

  • ATVs that tip or rollover too easily
  • Failure to comply with federal safety standards
  • Exceeded speed limitations for youth ATVs
  • Inaccurate speedometers
  • Steering-related issues
  • Brake failure
  • Broken parking brakes
  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Tire defects and blowouts
  • Oil or fluid leaks
  • Battery defects
  • Missing or broken safety equipment

If a design defect caused or significantly contributed to your ATV accident, you may have grounds to pursue a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturing company or distributor. This type of lawsuit generally does not require you to prove negligence. Instead, you or your attorney will only need to show that the ATV contained a defect and caused your injury. This is what is known as a strict product liability claim.

Other Types of ATV Accident Lawsuits

If your ATV accident was not caused by a defective product, you may still be able to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit in Kentucky. Common alternatives are:

  • Premises liability lawsuit. If a dangerous property defect caused the accident, such as an open trench, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit against the owner of the property for failing to keep the premises safe.
  • Negligence lawsuit. If you were on an ATV tour or riding with someone else, you may be able to sue the driver or tour company for negligence. If the tour company failed to properly maintain its ATVs, for instance, this could be grounds for a lawsuit.
  • Wrongful death lawsuit. If a loved one passed away in a fatal ATV accident in Kentucky, your family may be able to file a lawsuit based on one or more legal doctrines in pursuit of justice and compensation for the death.

Find out if you have an ATV accident lawsuit for injuries or fatalities by contacting an attorney at Bryant Law Center P.S.C.

If You’re an ATV Owner, Make Sure You Have the Right ATV Insurance

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You have rights as an injured victim or surviving loved one after an ATV accident in Kentucky. At Bryant Law Center P.S.C., our lawyers will listen carefully to your story and list your options for moving forward with a claim. Our compassionate personal injury lawyers in Kentucky will guide you through the entire legal process, making it as simple and effective as possible. Please call (270) 550-1230 or contact us online today to request your free consultation.