Kentucky Drunk Driving Statistics
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Kentucky Drunk Driving Statistics

Alcohol is a leading cause of car accidents and traffic fatalities in Kentucky.  From 2019 to 2020, crash fatalities involving alcohol went up a shocking 38 percent, while the national average rose 14.3 percent. 

2020 Drunk Driving Data

  • A total of 4,978 collisions involved alcohol, making it the leading contributing factor in 14.2% of all traffic accidents in Kentucky. 
  • 1,645 alcohol-related accidents resulted in injury, causing a total of 2,662 people to suffer injuries. 
  • 527 alcohol-related collisions were suspected of causing severe injuries and minor injuries in 1,033. 
  • 3,180 of the alcohol-related accidents resulted in property damage only. 
  • 78% of drunk drivers tested were found to have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.10% or above at the time of the collision.
  • Teen drivers were involved in 87 alcohol-related collisions that resulted in injuries and 149 that caused only property damage. 
  • In 106 accidents involving accidents with elementary school children, the driver was under the influence of alcohol. 
  • Drunk drivers were responsible for 16 pedestrian accidents. 
  • In 89 motorcycle and 103 truck crashes, alcohol was the contributing factor. 
  • Jefferson County saw the highest number of alcohol-related collisions (513), followed by Fayetteville County (393). 

2020 Drunk Driving Fatality Data 

  • 780 fatal accidents took place in Kentucky, and of those, 153 were alcohol-related.
  • In the 153 alcohol-related fatal collisions, 181 people were killed.
  • In 13 of the collisions involving alcohol, multiple fatalities occurred. 
  • The majority of drunk drivers involved in fatal collisions were between the ages of 25 to 34. 
  • There were 11 fatalities in alcohol-related collisions involving teenage drivers (1 of these fatalities being the teenage driver).
  • Independence Day saw the highest number of alcohol-related traffic fatalities out of the other holidays. 
  • Most fatal collisions involving alcohol took place between 9 p.m. and 11:59 p.m.

In Comparison to Previous Years

This chart demonstrates the difference in data for alcohol-related collisions over five years. 


(Alcohol Related)





2020 4,978 1.1% 181 38% 2,662 9%
2019 4,703 1% 112 -11% 2,431 1%
2018 4,736 0.9% 124 -27% 2,406 -16%
2017 5,350 1.4% 157 -9% 2,781 29%
2016 4,243 1% 171 -2% 1,974 -5%

In comparison to 2019, alcohol-related fatalities increased by 38%, while injuries rose by approximately 9 percent. 

Drunk Driving Accident Victims’ Rights

Despite long-term national and community efforts to stop drunk driving in Kentucky, many people are hurt or killed every year on our roads and highways. Unfortunately, these accidents are preventable. If you or a family member has been hit and injured by a drunk driver, you may have the right to hold them responsible for the costs of your medical bills and other accident-related losses. To learn more about your legal options, arrange a free consultation with our Kentucky Drunk Driving Accident Attorney by calling our law office at (270) 550-1230 or sending us a message online.