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The Impact of Social Media on Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

The influence of social media continues to grow, intertwining with almost all aspects of our daily lives. For some people, it's the first thing they look at when they wake up and the last thing they look at when they go to bed. While there's nothing inherently wrong with this, it's important to understand...
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How Are Personal Injury Settlements Calculated in Kentucky?

In Kentucky, personal injury settlements are designed to compensate injured parties for damages incurred due to another's negligence. Having an understanding of how these settlements are calculated is incredibly helpful for the plaintiff - a clear understanding informs decision-making and negotiations with insurers or during lawsuits, ensuring you pursue a settlement that genuinely acknowledges...
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Common Types of Personal Injuries

Personal injuries can happen to anyone at any time, often unexpectedly and with significant consequences. These injuries can result from various circumstances, ranging from accidents to intentional acts of harm. Here are the most common types of personal injuries that lead to claims. Car Accidents Car accidents are one of the leading causes of...
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Who Is Liable In A Playground Injury Accident?

Determining liability in a playground injury accident often requires a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident. Multiple parties may share responsibility for ensuring playground safety, and liability may vary depending on factors such as negligence, contractual agreements, and applicable laws. Property Owners or Operators Property owners or operators, such as municipalities, schools,...
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Amusement Park Injuries – What You Need To Know

Amidst the thrills that amusement parks provide, accidents and injuries can occur, turning a day of joy into a traumatic experience. Here is what you need to know if you or your loved ones suffered an injury at an amusement park. Causes of Amusement Park Injuries Accidents at amusement parks can result from the...
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How to File a Dog Bite Report in Kentucky

Experiencing a dog bite can be a distressing incident, and taking the right steps promptly is crucial for both your well-being and public safety. If you find yourself in this situation in Kentucky, here's a guide on how to file a dog bite report. Filing a Dog Bite Report If you sought medical care,...
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What are the Long Term Consequences of Traumatic Brain Injury?

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a severe condition that can have long-term consequences on a person's physical, cognitive, and emotional functioning. The long-term effects of a TBI vary depending on the severity, the location of the injury in the brain, and the age and overall health of the individual. Long-Term Consequences of a Mild...
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Common Causes of Slip and Fall Lawsuits

Slip and fall accidents can occur in a variety of settings, and when they result in injuries, they can lead to lawsuits against the property owner or manager. Here are some common causes of slip and fall lawsuits.  Wet or Slippery Floors  Slip and fall lawsuits often arise from wet or slippery floors that...
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Compensation for Injuries After an Accident

If you are involved in an injury accident, you may be entitled to compensation for the harm done to you. The law protects you from being  injured by someone else’s carelessness. If you were hurt in an accident that was not your fault, you may be able to get compensation for your injuries. I...
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7 Things the Insurance Company Doesn’t Want You to Know

Insurance claims adjusters are not your friend.  They are trained to delay, deny, and undervalue claims. If you've been in an accident, here are 7 things the insurance company doesn't want you to know: The claims adjuster does not care if you get a fair settlement.  They are trained to delay, deny, and undervalue...
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