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Personal Injury Claims

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How Long Does it Take to Negotiate a Settlement?

Suffering injuries in a car accident can put you under financial strain. Medical bills pile up, and you miss time at work. Making matters worse, it is not as if you planned for this difficulty. Someone else’s dangerous decisions and actions caused the car accident. They should pay you for the harm you have...
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What to Know: Lower Back Pain After Car Accident

With all the headaches being in a car accident causes, a physical injury can seem like rubbing salt in the wound. While procuring repairs, finding alternative transportation, and calling your insurance provider might take up most of your time, it is important to keep an eye on your health – and your spine in particular....
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I Was Injured and it’s Not My Fault: What to Do

I Was Hurt and It Was Not My Fault. What Can I Do? Every personal injury case is its own unique story. Rarely does anything repeat according to a pattern. Facts, locations, laws, injuries, jurisdiction, liability and insurance coverage will vary. If you have been injured, as you assess your situation, you may wish...
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Wrongful Death Claims

Wrongful Death Claims What is a life worth? It is a question often thought about but rarely asked. There is no greater trauma than losing a loved one or family member due to a preventable event, a defective product, or negligence. While financial recovery will never replace a loved one, spouse, or child, compensation...
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