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ATVs Insurance Laws in KY

[caption id="attachment_467" align="alignnone" width="256"] Partner Kevin Shannon[/caption] By Kevin Shannon The popularity of ATVs seems to be growing every year. Owners and users of ATVs enjoy their versatility as both tools for work and as forms of recreation. They are no longer ridden only by off-road enthusiasts. Instead, they seem to be everywhere.  If...
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Gun Rights in Kentucky

Do you know your rights as a gun owner? Kentucky allows open carry and concealed carry of firearms including shotguns, rifles, handguns. To own a firearm, you must be a legal citizen of the United States. You are not legally required to register your firearms and you do not need a license for shotguns...
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Kentucky Firework Laws

Fireworks may be legal, but setting themselves off yourself could be risky.  In the U.S. each summer, more than 200 injuries a day and millions of dollars in property damage occur due to the misuse of fireworks.  In 2020, there were 18 deaths and over 15,000 injuries related to fireworks, according to the Consumer Product Safety...
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