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Common Types of Personal Injuries

Personal injuries can happen to anyone at any time, often unexpectedly and with significant consequences. These injuries can result from various circumstances, ranging from accidents to intentional acts of harm. Here are the most common types of personal injuries that lead to claims. Car Accidents Car accidents are one of the leading causes of...
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How to Calculate a Workers’ Compensation Settlement

Workers’ compensation settlements are calculated based on a variety of factors including lost wages, current and future medical expenses, your impairment rating, your education, and the cost of retraining for a different position if a worker is unable to return to their previous position. Workplace accidents can be traumatizing events, leading to devastating harm,...
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How Does Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Protect Me? The Simple Guide

“If I am injured at work, how do I provide for my family and continue to pay my bills while I recover?,” That is the number one question facing many of the 33,000 workers who open workers' compensation claims each year in Kentucky. An on the job injury can be a devastating blow to...
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Is Workers’ Comp Taxable? What to Know for 2022

The short answer is no, workers’ comp payments are not reportable as income on a federal or state tax return. This should not be confused with other benefits you may receive, such as unemployment benefits, which are fully taxable, or Social Security disability, which may be taxable. This is one of the questions we...
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