Kentucky Truck Accident Statistics
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Kentucky Truck Accident Statistics

Truck accidents are responsible for a significant number of severe injuries and fatalities each year in Kentucky. According to the most recent data from 2020, the Kentucky Transportation Center at the University of Kentucky reported more than 8,700 collisions involving trucks and 106 fatal accidents. 

Why Do Truck Accidents Happen in Kentucky?

Truck accidents happen for a wide variety of reasons, but the leading contributing factors in 2020 when it comes to driver error were as follows: 

  • Driver Inattention: 2,749 accidents
  • Misjudged Clearance: 1,478 accidents
  • Not Under Proper Control: 1,116 accidents
  • Failure to Yield Right of Way: 651 accidents
  • Following Too Close: 317 accidents
  • Driving Too Fast for Road Conditions: 237 accidents
  • Distracted Driving: 225 accidents 

The leading contributing factors to accidents that had to do with the vehicle or its parts were as follows: 

  • Load Securement: 255 accidents
  • Tire Failure: 105 accidents
  • Defective Brakes: 77 accidents
  • Oversized Load: 37 accidents
  • Tow Hitch Failure: 35 accidents
  • Lighting Defects: 22 accidents
  • Steering Failure: 12 accidents
  • Overload / Improper Load: 7 accidents

Where Do Truck Accidents Happen in Kentucky?

Kentucky truck accidents most often occur on the following types of roadways: 

  • State Route: 2,392 collisions
  • Interstate: 2,352 collisions
  • US Route: 1,376 collisions 
  • City Street: 1,147 collisions
  • County: 402 collisions
  • Parkway: 179 collisions
  • Other: 151 collisions 

According to the data, 19% of all truck collisions occurred on county or city streets, 29% on interstates, and 47% on U.S. and state-numbered routes. Additionally, of the accidents that involved hazardous cargo, 34% of those collisions were on interstates, while 51% happened on U.S. and state-numbered routes. 

Who Is Liable for a Truck Accident in Kentucky? 

The party liable for a truck accident in Kentucky will vary depending on the specific accident. However, there are often multiple parties responsible, and common ones include the following: 

The Truck Driver

If the truck driver’s negligence caused an accident, they can be held accountable for any resulting losses. For example, trucker negligence may be driving while fatigued, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, while texting, intentionally violating federal hours-of-service regulations that limit how long drivers can work without a break, etc. 

The Trucking Company

A trucking company can be vicariously liable for the negligent actions of employees (truck drivers). Alternatively, they may also be partially or entirely liable for a collision if their negligent actions caused it, for instance, by hiring an inexperienced driver or one with multiple driving infractions, failing to train drivers, or failing to schedule regular vehicle inspections or maintenance. 

The Loading Company

In some cases, cargo loading companies can be held responsible for an accident if they loaded cargo onto a vehicle and failed to ensure it was done properly. 

Other examples of potentially liable parties include the manufacturer of a defective truck or part, a negligent mechanic, or a local government agency responsible for maintaining the roads. 

However, since Kentucky is a no-fault auto accident state, you must first turn to your own auto insurance company to pay for damages regardless of fault. To legally sue the at-fault party, you must incur significant medical expenses, a broken bone, permanent disfigurement, permanent injury, or death. Contact a Kentucky truck accident attorney to schedule a free consultation.