Three Reasons You Should be Reading All Package Inserts

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We’ve all done it. We’ve all opened a brand-new gadget we were so excited about purchasing, and immediately tossed aside the paperwork that’s usually on top.

While sometimes the package inserts consist of things we don’t want to keep like coupons or advertisements, there are reasons why you should read through it all before you throw it away!

To Keep You Safe

Understanding the product and reading all warnings will help keep you safe!

Even with a product that may not seem dangerous, there may be a specific way that you need to use the product.

In order to protect yourself from possible danger you need to know what chemicals can be used with the product, what temperatures the product can withstand, how to store it, how to use it, and how to clean it.

Even if it’s a product you’ve used before, refreshing your memory on proper use, care, and maintenance will help keep you and your family safe. In many instances, it will also extend the life of the product.

To Protect Your Legal Claim

Not using a product in the manner the manufacturer recommends could void the warranty on the product and affect any personal injury claim you may have against the product.

Of course, when you are injured by a faulty product or if a company failed to warn you about the danger, one of the first things the company will do is try to find out exactly how you were using the product.

By understanding the recommended uses and care and by following those instructions, you prevent a company from placing the blame on you for their faulty product.

You May be Waiving Your 7th Amendment Rights!

When reading over package inserts, you might be surprised to find words like “arbitration” or “mediation.”

Some companies will put agreements into their package inserts that state that you are waiving your right to sue them by keeping the product.

There may be a way to opt out of an arbitration agreement in the package inserts. If you fail to read through the insert, you might be waiving your 7th Amendment right to a jury trial without even knowing it!

Make sure to read the insert carefully and follow any instructions in the packaging regarding opting out of any arbitration or similar agreement.

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