Wrongful Death Claims
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Wrongful Death Claims

Wrongful Death Claims

What is a life worth? It is a question often thought about but rarely asked.

There is no greater trauma than losing a loved one or family member due to a preventable event, a defective product, or negligence. While financial recovery will never replace a loved one, spouse, or child, compensation is society’s means to compel a responsible party help right a wrong.

The days after a death can be an extremely emotional time. It is also a period where you should be allowed to mourn and not be rushed into making important decisions if you have legal questions or concerns.

The Bryant Law Center is ready to move swiftly and forcefully to lend assistance to victims and their families in times of wrongful death. It is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible after a loss of life. You may need to act swiftly to preserve or obtain evidence. You may have to sign probate papers to enable a wrongful death claim to be filed. You may have information which is vital to the case which could be discarded or forgotten. Or you may inadvertently sign documents that could limit any claim you would file.

How an Attorney Can Help in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Our attorneys are ready to fight for victims and battle insurance companies and big corporations for a fair and just recovery for your loss. We know the steps to take. Mark Bryant and Kevin Shannon know how to identify responsible parties whom they will pursue in federal or state courts or in arbitration proceedings.

We use economists to assess future earning power and medical costs. We retain experts to expose defective and dangerous products. We call in accident reconstructionists and we do research to see if similar problems have occurred elsewhere.

Whether it is a loved one neglected in a nursing home, or a victim of a nodding semi truck driver, a defective medication or medical device , or a faulty section of railroad track, the Bryant Law Center has a proven track record of holding responsible parties for wrongful death accountable.

There are multiple factors to study in any wrongful death. Was a fatal car accident caused by defective tires or brakes or faulty windshield wipers? Had the car been included in a recall notice? Was a house fire caused by a defective phone charger or a fuse box? Was a patient who died in a nursing home the victim of understaffing by a large corporation to save money or given the wrong medication or dose? Did a tavern serve an intoxicated motorist who later caused a fatal accident?

Bryant Law Center attorneys press for the truth. We have won multiple verdicts and settlements in excess of $1 million for our clients and their families but each case has unique circumstances. We have more than combined 60 years of experience fighting insurance companies and large corporations to win justice for clients.

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