Reviewing Reasons Why Drivers are Fatigued
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Reviewing Reasons Why Drivers are Fatigued

Drunk driving, road rage and speeding are associated with many motor vehicle collisions and a lot of drivers are aware of how dangerous these behaviors can be. However, there are many other reasons why drivers may have a higher chance of causing a crash, such as fatigue. Fatigue can be difficult for different reasons, not only can it be hard to detect but there are so many factors that can lead to fatigue. Job-related stress, sleep problems and even medication can make drivers drowsy and fatigued, which can have a major impact on their driving abilities.

Some people who are very tired push themselves to drive even though they should stay off of the road. For example, someone may have to get to work and they may drive although they know that they are unable to focus because they are so drowsy. On the other hand, some drivers may not realize that they are so tired, such as those who recently started taking a medication that makes them drowsy without realizing how the drug affects them. Moreover, even missing a relatively small amount of sleep can be disruptive when it comes to one’s ability to focus on the road.

If you were struck by a driver who was fatigued, it can be hard to pinpoint driver fatigue as the root cause of the collision. However, all of the details and potential factors that may have led to the crash should be reviewed closely, especially if you are thinking about taking legal action against the other driver. Go to our motor vehicle accidents page to learn more about the Bryant Law Center.