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Bad Drugs, Medical Devices, and Products

Mass Torts Hold Corporations Accountable For Defective Products Delivering Justice. Delivering Results. Guiding You Through Each Phase of Your Life Get a Free Consultation Our Nationally Respected Lawyers Have Extensive Experience Helping the Victims of Negligent Companies Small Kentucky Law Firm. Nationwide Reputation for Results. When large corporations manufacture unsafe products that injure...
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Train Derailments

As dozens of communities in the United States and Canada have learned, there is no predicting when and where a freight train will derail. Some derailments are relatively minor, and involve benign cargos such as grain or cement or molasses, or just a car or two jumping a track in a switch yard. Other...
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Wrongful Death Claims

Wrongful Death Claims What is a life worth? It is a question often thought about but rarely asked. There is no greater trauma than losing a loved one or family member due to a preventable event, a defective product, or negligence. While financial recovery will never replace a loved one, spouse, or child, compensation...
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